January 15, 2022
  Info-This Dual Sport is put on by the Family Riders. I did this event in 2018 & 2020 and it was a fun well laid out dual sport ride. We drove over 15 hours to get to this event...
May 7, 2022
Info-This is a dual sport that I attend every year and its one of the better events. Some call it Rainfro due to it raining almost every year but this area is still ride-able in wet conditions. It is an...
June 26, 2022
Info–This Dual Sport is put on by Licking County Trail Riders. The trails at this Dual Sport only get ridden for this event so expect perfect trails with little to no ruts. In my opinion this is one of if...
July 16, 2022
Info-Expect an Ohio dual sport ride which means good mix of gravel roads, dirt roads and trails for all skill levels. The club will offer Hero sections that are more towards the Enduro style.
August 7, 2022
Info-The Muddobers Club puts on a great ride every year. This dual sport is known for its tight single track, so I would leave that big bike at home and bring the 450 and under bikes that are plated with a...
September 10, 2022
Info-This is a dual sport that I attend every year, and some how it gets better every year. Both days will offer Enduro loops for those riders who want a little challenge. Check out the Club’s Page for more information and...

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